”Is that an arm??”

Tommy trots up to the disembodied limb nudging it with his foot.

”Uhhhh yeah. That’s an arm alright.”

”Who does it belong to?” Ranboo inquires, unsure if he actually wants to know. (Or even see them.)

Tommy merely shrugs kicking the cold hand absently

Breaking off a stick from a tree Ranboo slips past Tommy to be on the opposite side of the foreign object.

”It’s really just an arm...?” Ranboo almost chuckles morbidly as he starts prodding it like a dead animal.

”Can you imagine what it would look like if someone was walking around with no arms?” His friend postulates, looking to the setting sun thoughtfully.

”Uhhh you know people like that actually exist right?”

”I ain’t ever seen anyone like that. Proof or it doesn’t exist. I gotta see it with my own two eyes. That’s the rule Ranboo!”

There was something clearly wrong with the both of them.
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